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The Bitpanda Ambassador programme

We believe that we have the responsibility to drive the digital revolution of finance. To accelerate our growth and to create more awareness for our mission, we are happy to introduce our Bitpanda Ambassador programme.

What are ambassadors?

Ambassadors are 

the heroes of every


They are knowledgeable and are determined to educate others and help them grow, complementing official communications with additional insights and hands-on experiences.

An ambassador is someone who is passionate about Bitpanda and is actively involved in answering questions on our social media channels. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, ambassadors play a vital role in keeping the community safe.

How do you become an Ambassador?

In the initial phase, we will reach out to our most active community members on an individual basis and invite them to join our exclusive Bitpanda Ambassador programme. The easiest way to get involved right now is to be active and contribute positively to the community so we can see your impact.

Benefits for our ambassadors:

Exclusive events and incentives

Ambassador limited-edition merch

Highly-reduced premiums on our platform

A personal connection to the team

Mentoring & guidance

Public recognition

Influence the development of products

What does it take to be an ambassador?

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You should be highly motivated, proactive and passionate about Bitpanda

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You need the courage to share your feedback even in stressful situations

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You have good communication skills in English and additional languages, such as German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish or Portuguese

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You know everything about Bitpanda, BEST and Pantos and want to drive the success of our products

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You should be active in our social media channels, e.g Reddit, Instagram, Telegram etc.

What does a Bitpanda ambassador do?

  • Ambassadors represent Bitpanda’s values

  • They help other users with their general questions on our social channels

  • They will contribute tutorials, blogs, videos or other content about Bitpanda and its products

Join our community and be active on: